A view of The Burrow, showing the house, the Ford Anglia, and a bit of the river and hills behind it, with 'Wizarding Times Mar 2021' in the lower right corner

Serpentine Scoop: Slytherin Report

By February Fortescue, Slytherin

A coiled snake, lifting its neck and head in the left part, flowers bloom on a grassy hillside to the right with words in the sky saying 'Slytherin Report'

Welcome to the Slytherin Report! Spring is here (finally!) in my part of the world and I'm thrilled to see it. Spring is the time of changes and new beginnings, and Slytherin is no exception.

For the Spring term, we gained three wonderful Promising Students: Aurelia West, Lucia Dinapoli, and Louis Walles! Each brings their own background and perspective to the role. Like myself, Aurelia West originally joined HOL several years ago, later worked her way up to Prefect, taught a class, and then real life intervened and she had to take time off, and now she's returned. She lives in the United States, has two Bachelor's degrees and teaches dance. Lucia Dinapoli has a strong interest in herbs and writes a fascinating column each month for SerpenTimes, Happy Herbalism. Louis Walles is originally from Poland and currently makes his home in Great Britain. He is teaching Monsters in Cinema and is married in real life to Hufflepuff's Harry Walles. This month, the three of them will be hosting a Spring activity in Slytherin — come join them, and us!

Have you ever wanted to write an article, create a cool graphic, or share a puzzle? Now's your chance! SerpenTimes needs you! Our next deadline will be in June, so you have plenty of time to start working on ideas. If you have any questions, contact one of our Editors: Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Aurelia West, Emily Spencer, or February Fortescue, or email us at serpentimes.hol[@]gmail.com.

If you're more interested in muggle arcade games, Prof. Will Lestrange heads our Arcade Club, where you can try your hand at the game of the month and compete against other players. Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis leads our Puzzle Exchange, which is the place to be for sharing and solving puzzles! We also host a Read Along, which is moving towards the conclusion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so you'd better jump in before it's all over! And lets not forget our popular Silly Snakes section, which is fun and games for everyone.

See you in the Dungeons!