A view of The Burrow, showing the house, the Ford Anglia, and a bit of the river and hills behind it, with 'Wizarding Times Mar 2021' in the lower right corner

Through Lion's Eyes: Gryffindor Report

By Iverian Gnash, Gryffindor

This March, Gryffindor is allowing the den to refresh after the last few months of creative events! However, that doesn't mean we're entirely taking a break.

We started off the month with a whole new roleplay, "Pesky Pixies", so be on the lookout for any wandering pixies throughout the castle and stop by to help us out! (We'll eventually figure out who released them in the first place... though I have my suspicions.) Roleplays are a great way to meet other students and staff!

Over in Here Dwell the Brave (our Gryffindor-only section), we've been playing games and having fun discussions, so be sure to poke around there a bit! For all of our visitors and Gryffs alike, always keep an eye on the Fat Lady's Portrait where we've been having a huge mix of conversations (only when the Fat Lady isn't around, of course!).

Our Gryffindor Paw Print is also open for submissions and the theme this time is "Quaint and/or Retro"! This leaves a lot of creativity for the taking so check it out and send something in! (Remember that it doesn't have to fit the prompt if you find sudden inspiration unrelated.) Submitting to house newspapers is an amazing way to earn points and improve those writing/puzzling/creative skills!

Besides that, be sure to check out all of the forums and keep an eye on Gryffindor in the weeks to come as we roll out some April fun!