A view of The Burrow, showing the house, the Ford Anglia, and a bit of the river and hills behind it, with 'Wizarding Times Mar 2021' in the lower right corner

Submit to the WT

Are you just bursting with creativity and need an outlet? The Wizarding Times is the place for you! You can write articles or make cartoons or any number of things. You can submit one article, just 'cause! Even our non-Badger friends can submit articles.

And, the second best thing about it (the best thing being that you get published!) is that you can earn house points! Think of that!

If you're interested in doing something for the WT, click here to know more and send us an email. We'd love to hear your ideas!

So, what's stopping you? Submit to the WT!

Wizarding Times Participation Points

You can earn a total of 50 house points (HP) every issue.

WT Challenges

It does not end there. You can earn 40 HP more by doing the themed challenges below. These are to be submitted separately, and the theme can be found here at the HOL Forum.

Additionally, editors, coders, and coordinators can earn up to 30 points per issue, at the discretion of the leaders.