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Quotation Notation

By February Fortescue, Slytherin

It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

It is wonderful to have fantasies, daydreams, goals, and plans for the future. You can daydream about how you have the perfect family, or that Nimbus 2000, or how you'll one day be the most amazing Dark Wizard Catcher. You can also imagine yourself married to the perfect witch or wizard who suits you and your quirks so beautifully, and who helps you raise your four perfect magical children, who make excellent grades at Hogwarts. But, you know what? None of this really accomplishes much.

You can't dwell in the past, or live in some non-existent future. You can only live in the present, and not in the future or in the past. All actions are done in the present. Goals are met through hard work completed in the here and now. If you spend your time focused in a time that does not exist and is inactive, you are not living and you are not creating the life you want to live.