An illustration of a cat looking at a sign that says 'Privet Drive.' Overlaid in the right-hand corner is a white box that says, in purple writing, 'Wizarding Times Nov 2020


By Prof. Felicia Hartwick

To most people, New Year's Day is the start of a new year, but to me, it's autumn. As a teacher, I look forward to the fall when we all start setting up our classrooms (though you should know, this really begins in August) to get them ready for our students. Coming back to the school and seeing my fellow teachers and staff is always a warming moment. It's the "Getting the Gang Back Together" type of feeling.

And that's the feeling I've had here in Hufflepuff as we decided to get the Wizarding Times up and running again. During the summer, my staff and I talked about how we could get the paper back in print. I'm glad to say we had a number of people willing to tackle this job.

The results of many hours and butterbeers, I'm proud to announce our first issue of the 2020 Wizarding Times.

So pull up a chair, get your copy of the Wizarding Times, grab yourself a cup of tea (or your favorite beverage), and spend some time perusing through the pages. You will find articles, recipes, games, and more. I'm sure you will be entertained!

I would just like to end with... welcome back, Wizarding Times!