Five people facing a tall building, with 'Wizarding Times Jan 2021' in the bottom right corner


By Prof. Felicia Hartwick

I was asked to once again write a greeting for our second publication of the Wizarding Times. The theme I was told is Solitude and Reflection. So I took some time to reflect on the topic.

And it came to me, we all had time to Reflect, and probably had some time in Solitude as well. This past year has been a year that I'm sure no one expected and it gave many of us time to look at ourselves, at others, and the world. It gave us all a chance to see who and what is important to each of us.

I know for myself, in the beginning of the pandemic, I didn't know what to do. I am not one to just sit and do nothing. I liked my routine — going to work, spending time with family and friends, going on long vacations or weekend getaways — and then being told to stop everything... was hard. But in the long run, I came to appreciate the slower life and realizing who and what are really important to me and to be thankful for.

I feel everyone needs time to, as the saying goes, "slow down and smell the flowers," I just wish it didn't take a pandemic to do it.

To everyone, I hope you take this time and take care of yourselves, your families, and friends. Stay well, help someone if you can, it does make you feel good.