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HOL Show of Hands

By Sirius Fudge

In this edition of HOL Show of Hands, HOLers expressed their voices on which book of the Harry Potter series they like the most. And by a significant margin, the third book of the series took its throne. With 50% of the votes, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is hailed as the most liked book of the series.

The introduction of Sirius Black in the book is the reason why Jessica Barnes, a Hufflepuff first year, voted for the third book. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, a Slytherin professor, listed the following reasons why she chose the said book, namely: 1) elective courses, 2) Marauder's map, 3) time-turner, 4) a prophecy in progress, 5) animagi, 6) dementors, and 7) the wonders of Remus Lupin. We can only agree by the numerous new ideas introduced to us in this part of the series, making us appreciate the wizarding world even more. It is surely a fantastic stop halfway the storyline.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were tied in second place while Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix took the third place. Meanwhile, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black stated her love for the first and the last books, the first being "an innovative and a wonderful introduction to a new world" and the last one "wrapping up the saga in the most satisfying way."

For the next issue of the HOL Show of Hands, we look into the seven core subjects of Hogwarts. Click here to join the discussion. Let your voices be heard. Which shall prevail as the favorite of HOL? Tune into the next issue of the WT to find out.