A view of The Burrow, showing the house, the Ford Anglia, and a bit of the river and hills behind it, with 'Wizarding Times Mar 2021' in the lower right corner

Updates from the Huffle Hallways

By Sirius Fudge

The start of the year 2021 has been very good in the Huffle Hallways. Several activities were held in January and February, two minis were given the keys to the Hidey-Hole, and a Cupboard was discovered again and is welcomed with smiles.

Congratulations, Amy and Harry!

Last February 6, two badgers were assigned the title Mini Prefect and were given the keys to the Hidey-Hole where they shall spend nights polishing the pokey stick of Prof. Tarma Amelia Black or do serious mini duties, the latter being the preferred choice. After HoH Hartwick broke the news, greetings filled the Sett, coming from badgers and HOLers alike. Emily Spencer and Louis Walles, both from Slytherin, are the proudest of them all, seeing their loved ones given those positions. Celebrations filled the hall, especially after knowing that Amy's birthday is the next day. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black literally set forth a clan of badger in the hallways. It was unknown what happened in the chaos after.

Wonders of Water and Human Kindness

In the month of January, the Sett was filled with discussions and activities on water — oceans, lakes, snow, waterfall, and thunderstorms. HoH Fels even summoned a thundersnow for everyone to witness. Everyone got to share their experiences with these wonderful waterbodies. It was followed by discussions and activities related to human kindness led by Eve Roarke in February. Participants got to share acts of kindness they shared to others as well as those they receive from others. They also talked about finding love and friendship, may it be in RL or in HOL. Two months passed reminding us of these beautiful wonders life has to offer.

Creature Scavenger Hunt: Activity Report

Twenty-four (24) HOLers answered the call for help by HoH Fels and Prof. Tarma Black to solve a creature problem. It turned out that when Newt was visiting Tina in New York, Nicole the Niffler got out from the suitcase, bringing along a few or more creatures. Fortunately, several HOLers helped in locating the creatures and making sure they are back safely in the suitcase. But, we were told that some creatures had taken a liking to some folks and went home with them, such as a bowtruckle with Amy, nundu with Iverian, another bowtruckle with Fels, a mooncalf with Maeve, another bowtruckle with Silvana, a phoenix with Harry, a niffler with Louis, an occamy with February, and a runespoor with Will. The following participated and had fun in finding the creatures: