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My Top 5 Books This Spring

By Harry Walles

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#1 The Dying Game — Asa Advic

This book tells a story of Anna Francis. She works for a government in Sweden. She was forced to take part in a secret project based on a tiny island Isola. Her job is to observe the 6 other candidates, who are the only people on the island. In order to complete her research properly, she needs to first fake her death. But when the other candidates start dying or mysteriously disappearing, she wants to discover the reality behind the project.

I liked this book, even though the language was rather weird. This book is the only book written by Asa Advic, which gives me hope her future books will be written in a rather more fascinating way as sometimes the story was dull. I loved the idea behind the book and the story itself. I recommend this book if you can overcome moments of boring descriptions.

#2 Auschwitz Lullaby — Mario Escobar

This book tells a story of a German woman called Helene Hannemann. She was married to a Gypsy man and had 5 children with him. When the German soldiers came to take her children and husband to Auschwitz, she was told she can stay home due to the 'pure' nationality. She decides to follow her family, no matter the cost.

Auschwitz was closed in January 1945, which means this year it celebrated its 76th Anniversary of closure of the camp, which is a resting place to over 1.1 million people. All lost souls should be remembered, respected, and never forgotten.

I absolutely loved this book despite it being upsetting for me. I loved this book for the honesty and easy language of the story. It was being written in the most honest and simple way possible, but it was clear, direct and beautiful. Highly recommend this book for historical reasons, as well for all those who would love to learn more about those despicable times.

#3 Replica — Jack Heath

This books tells a story of a girl called Chloe, who wakes up to discover she's in fact an A.I. who looks identical to a girl, the one who built her! When the 'real' Chloe dies, it is up to the 'new' Chloe to find out who is behind the whole thing.

Another favourite book of mine. I loved the story, the language and the ending. The books also includes LGBT+ elements, which makes the book ideal for LGBT+ youth/allies, who love fantasy/crime books. Highly recommend!

#4 Every Day — David Levithan

A wakes up in different bodies everyday. A doesn't care up until he wakes up as Justin and meets his girlfriend, Rhiannon. Then... everything changes. A can't stop thinking about her, and wants to do everything that's in his power to be with her, even though it's impossible.

David Levithan is one of the best American writers. He is known for his LGBT+ books, such as 'Boy Meets Boy'. The book 'Every Day' is one of the most interesting books I've ever read. I absolutely love the idea for the book and the way it has been written. I would definitely highly recommend you this book, but also his other books, as he is a very amazing writer.

#5 The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared — Jonas Jonasson

Allan Karlsson is an old man living in a care home. Today marks his 100th birthday, and his birthday party is going to be awesome! ...Well... it was supposed to be awesome. Allan hates birthdays so he escaped by jumping off the window and heading towards the train station. This is just a beginning to his journey filled with criminals, useless police and... mysterious suitcase full of money!

I love this book more than the movie itself. The amount of humour in this book makes it so enjoyable, so funny and so easy to read, that you just can't help but reread it multiple times! Amazing book! Highly recommend!