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Billboard's HOT 10

By Harry Walles

A list of ten numbered items, with each number indicating a song title and the artist who sang it. The background upon which the list is set shows pastel coloured flowers and green leaves at the top and bottom. All is on a pale creamy blue background.

Welcome to the Spring Hot 10! For many of us, 2021 is a promise of return to the normality of our lives, our jobs, or schools. This month's Hot 10 songs are similar to our plans and hopes for the future — hopeful and emotional.

1. Drivers License — Olivia Rodrigo

This song was released on 8th January 2021, and was written and produced by Dan Nigro. This song is her most successful song yet, as it has been in number 1 in the UK for almost 8 weeks now. Her fans believe this song is about her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Basset, who is currently dating Sabrina Carpenter.

2. Save Your Tears — The Weeknd

This song was released on 20th March 2020, and was written by The Weeknd, Belly, DaHeala, Oscar Holter, and Max Martin. To create this song, it took tens of people — through different producers to experts in voice and sound control and manipulation. It was also recorded in FOUR different studios in Los Angeles, Stockholm, and New York. This song can be found on his new album called 'After Hours'. The biggest success of this song was in February this year, when The Weeknd performed on Super Bowl LV Halftime Show with this song, and many of his other popular songs, such as 'Can't Feel My Face'.

3. Therefore I Am — Billie Eillish

This song is another great hit of this young singer known for many other songs, such as 'Lovely' or 'Bad Guy'. This song was released on 12th November 2020. It was written by her and her brother, Finneas. The singer described both the video and the song as 'careless' recalling recording a couple of the scenes on her iPhone.

4. I Hope — Gabby Barett ft. Charlie Puth

Now, if you are a regular reader of my articles, you may notice this song sounds familiar. Well, there is a reason for it! The last time I have talked about this song was during the first release of the Wizarding Times! I am happy to see this song still being on the charts! If you don't remember, this song was released on July 29th, 2019, and it is Gabby's first song ever to be in the Hot 100! Happy to see it coming back again!

5. Better Together — Luke Combs

This song is one of his most successful songs. On Billboard Hot 100, he currently has 17 songs in total. 'Better Together' was released on 8th November, 2019. It has been written by him, and it promotes his album 'What You See Is What You Get'.

6. You Broke Me First — Tate McRae

This song was published on 16th April, 2020, and it was written by Victoria Zaro, Blake Harnage & Tate McRae. It is one of her first successful songs. It promotes her new album called 'TM1*'.

7. Good Time — Niko Moon

This song is one of his first successful songs. It was released in July 2019, and was written by Niko Moon, Mark Trussell, Josh Murty, Jordan Minton & Anna Moon. This song is not personally my cup of tea, but I understand some people may find it enjoyable! 'Good Time' promotes his EP album called 'Good Time — EP'.

8. Holy — Justin Bieber

Another great return from the same article as 'I Hope'! This song used to be number two on Hot 100, but obviously due to the amount of time it spent there, its position slowly went down. If you don't remember, this song was released on 18th September 2020, and it is about his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

9. Willow — Taylor Swift

This song is another hit by the world's most recognisable singer of this century. Taylor Swift is doing her comeback in Hot 100, where she has been for almost her whole career. This song has been written by her and Aaron Dessner, and was released on 11th December, 2020. The song is being praised for its beautiful video, which was produced by Jil Hardin.

10. Bang! — AJR

AJR is one of the bands, which recently got recognisable. It quickly became my favourite band as well! 'Bang!' is their new song, which was released on 12th February 2020, and was written by the band (so: Ryan Met, Jack Met & Adam Met). This song promotes the album called 'OK Orchestra', which is going to be released on 26th March this year.